Suzanne Elliott

SuzanneSuzanne has been involved in health and wellness for almost 40 years, with degrees in Physical Education, Biology, and Counseling. She was a Counselor and Coach for 20 years at the secondary school level. She has earned certifications in Toastmasters, Vegan Nutrition, Life Coaching and several Fitness, Yoga and Yoga Therapy courses. She has been a state and national award winning competitive cheer coach at the high school level, and a regional, national and international competitive yoga coach and judge every year since the inception of USA YOGA. She created her own health and fitness lifestyle coaching business called Fun Innovative Training located in Cape Canaveral, FL, and a yoga studio for beginners, HOTYoga on the Island, located in Merritt Island, FL. She created a series of postures for her environmental and animal activists friends called Wild About Yoga! She has taught yoga to the elderly in libraries and recreational centers, and to students with special needs at local private schools. She developed a Kids Camp curriculum and classes that are creative and fun for kids of all ages.

Suzanne has practiced yoga for over 20 years. Suzanne was born with hip dysplasia and had double hip replacements in 2013. She continues to use yoga as her surgery recovery and to keep her spine healthy and her mind happy!

Suzanne is excited to be a USA Yoga Board Member to help with the mission to increase awareness of the sport of Yoga Asana. Together, we can connect all ages and all styles of yoga and host events that will help us promote and continue our mission.