Sharon Lacy

SharonHow long have you been practicing Hot Yoga? Since 2006 (three months after BYOTI opened their doors).

Teaching? Fall 2010 - San Diego Teacher Training

What other types of physical exercise, training, sports, or yoga have you practiced in the past? I have always been very athletic, beginning with dancing as a small girl. I studied dance throughout high school and college. As I diversified in my athleticism, running, weight lifting, and Pilates became my favorite past time activities. I ran when I was happy/angry/stressed & needing some general TLC, I lifted weights when I felt I was getting too soft, and I practiced Pilates to help me rehabilitate my severe sciatica symptoms. The only activity I did which could be considered sporty was surfing. I still love all of these activities, but practice them rarely; save for dancing... that's a regular part of my regime. *wink*

How often do you practice? I practice at least 3-5 times per week, schedule permitting.

Teach? Currently I teach only 1-2 times per week. I hope to teach much, much more.

What is it that you like most about teaching Hot Yoga? It's such an enormous privilege to teach this yoga to our students. It’s amazing to stand on the podium and teach such a variety of people from every age and ability; I watch them pour their hearts into their yoga each and every day. I’m humbled by their struggles, and inspired by their courage. What is it that I like most about teaching? It's watching people grow and evolve and rediscover their power and perseverance.

Do you now or did you have any pre-existing medical conditions prior to starting Hot Yoga that you are willing to share with us? I suffered from extreme sciatica after an accident in my early 20's. It was completely debilitating. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia while serving in the Military, of which I was released from due to my diagnosis and the limitations it presented in my body. Running, which I dearly loved, became completely out of the question, and weight-lifting only exacerbated the symptoms. I also suffered from extreme bouts of depression, anxiety, and the inability to sleep (spanning from early childhood).

What changes have seen in your body since practicing Hot Yoga? In a nutshell, after a very consistent practice and many hours of dedication in spite of the pain presented by my sciatica, I no longer require medication for any of my aforementioned symptoms. While I still suffer from sciatica, the yoga has become a very reliable medium for reducing my symptoms when they flare. I sleep better than I ever have in my entire life. I am comfortable in my own skin, and I can look at my body in the mirror and appreciate the reflection I see. The real "change" wasn't physical. Hot Yoga works from the inside - out. It starts on cellular level, somewhere between the ears. It has cleared a space in my head and has made room for a healthier, happier me.

Why did you go to training and why do you teach Hot Yoga? Because it's time I reciprocated all the love, healing, and patience I was given. It's my turn to give back.

Is there anything else that you want to tell others about teaching Hot Yoga? Only that it's one of the most inspirational things I've ever encountered in my life. I look forward to doing it for the rest of my years.

See you on the mat! ~ Namaste