Katherine "Roo" Kalm

RooHow long have you been practicing Hot yoga? Since 2007

Teaching? Hot Yoga Teacher Training Fall 2011 - Los Angeles CA

What other types of physical exercise, training, sports, or yoga have you practiced in the past? Soccer, Swimming, Softball, Gymnastic, Skateboarding Surfing

How often do you practice? 4 to 6 Days a Week

Teach? Everyday

What do you like best about teaching Hot Yoga? Seeing the drastic changes in peoples bodies, energy levels, and attitudes.

Do you now or did you have any pre-existing medical conditions prior to starting Hot Yoga that you are willing to share with us? I have torn both my ACL’s in the past as well as dislocated shoulder’s and elbow’s.

What changes have seen in your body since practicing Hot Yoga? No more ache and pains, and a wonderful sense of clarity and Peace of mind.

Why did you go to training and why do you teach Hot Yoga? I went because I was ready to take next step in my practice and I teach to share the benefit’s and peace the practice has brought to me.