Janna Leblanc

JannaHow long have you been practicing Hot yoga? Since 2010

Teaching? Hot Yoga Teacher Training Spring 2014 - Los Angeles CA

What other types of physical exercise, training, sports, or yoga have you practiced in the past? Aerobics (in the past), some jogging

How often do you practice? 3 Days a Week
Teach? As often as possible? ☺

What do you like best about teaching Hot Yoga? Sharing the knowledge and power of this healing and strengthening hatha yoga. Watching people/students grow and evolve in mind, body and spirit. Inspiring people to become more aware of making better choices for their health and to feel better. Teaching the mind, body, spirit connection.

What changes have seen in your body since practicing Hot Yoga? Toning and strengthening - especially in the abdomen, which I did not think would change (Core). My bodie’s adaptability and an increase in stamina, flexibility has improved beyond what I imaged too!

Why did you go to training and why do you teach Hot Yoga? To learn more about the practice, the philosophy and the roots of this yoga, so I could be a part of sharing, teaching, practicing and hopefully inspiring in the local community as well as the further reaching global community. To preserve this practice of yoga. And maintain my own level of well being ☺. Being immersed in it for nine weeks was a unique, focused experience!

Is there anything else that you want to tell others about teaching Hot Yoga? It helps one become more mindful of others, as the perspective changes from student to teacher. (Also, mindful of our own thoughts and ideas) I would love also to highlight that I also really enjoy sharing a centuries old practice born from a beautifully rich culture and the fact that the training incorporated some of India’s philosophies.