Jennifer Hodge

How long have you been practicing Hot yoga? Since July 2010

Teaching? Since Hot Yoga Teacher Training Spring 2014 - Los Angeles, CA

What other types of physical exercise, training, sports, or yoga have you practiced in the past? I was a long distance runner. I set track and cross country racords at my high school, then went to BCC on a scholarship for running.

How often do you practice? As often as possible.

What do you like best about teaching Hot Yoga? Hot yoga is such an amazing transformative tool for health its hard to pick just one. I like everyone coming together to make the world a better place, starting with themselves, one yoga posture at a time. 

What changes have seen in your body since practicing Hot Yoga? I am stronger, more flexible and can breathe better.

Why did you go to training and why do you teach Hot Yoga? Its hard to explain, my life has been all of about healing and I want to help others heal too!